Biology is Strategy

By bioscentric | Biology

Jason Kakoyiannis of Bioscentric gave a talk on behalf of Ginkgo Bioworks, the organism design company, at the WWD Beauty CEO Summit in Palm Beach, Florida. Other speakers included fashion designer Marc Jacobs,  Chris de Lapuente, global president and chief executive officer of Sephora, Mindy Grossman, CEO of Weight Watchers, and Jane Lauder, global brand president of Clinique. Jason spoke about Ginkgo’s ability to custom design microbes to make specialty ingredients for beauty and personal care products. Ginkgo’s Foundry is a rapid prototyping facility for biological designs that consists of software, automation and robotics.

The Foundry reduces the time and cost to do complex biotechnology, thus allowing it to be deployed across a range of ingredients and industries. Some biotech ingredients for personal care include making extracts from plants, enzymes, biosurfactants, and human and animal analogue proteins.

Jason also highlighted Ginkgo’s work with the genomes of extinct flowers. Ginkgo accessed the DNA from extinct plants in order to reconstruct the aromatic compounds.