Targeted consulting for fragrance, flavors & cosmetics biotech

Biology enabled innovation has resulted in a next generation of ingredients and products that offer better functionality, more sustainable footprint, and true benefit for consumers. This has been made possible by recent advances in the reading and writing of DNA and reduced costs of working with biology. Bioscentric specializes in leveraging these development for the benefit of clients in consumer products and ingredients. We focus on developing novel strategies, sensory experiences, and engaging stories for companies using what we call “applied biology”. Bioscentric was founded in 2013 by Jason Kakoyiannis.

Cracking the Olfactory Code

This helps the transition to better plant based and animal free foods. Motif creates nutritious, sustainable, and delicious ingredients, which broadens food options for mainstream consumers. If you wonder what the ingredient tool kit for the next generation of food developers will be like, follow Motif’s work.

Can Synthetic Biology Bridge the Protein Gap?

You’ve probably heard the numbers before, which usually play on estimates from the U.N. that call for the world’s population to grow from roughly 7.4 billion today to nearly 9.7 billion by the year 2050. Therefore, the argument goes, biotech will be needed more than ever to provide more with less. More cures. More food.

Notes on Multiplexing

If you’ve spent time around technologists these days, you’ve probably heard the phrase “design, build, test.” The main idea behind this mantra, borrowed from engineering disciplines, is that technological progress is made iteratively by stepping through this cycle. With a hypothesis in mind, one first designs an experiment, builds the experiment, and finally tests the hypothesis.